Hanging Ceiling Joists UNDER New Attic Header?

Im opening a load bearing wall between the kitchen and living room. Ive overcome the offset basement girder with two new posts under the joists that will carry the new header load down from the attic. Header is sized at (2)2x10 and will rest at roughly an 8 span. The joists that cross the load bearing wall and overlap are not the same size. 2x6 over kitchen and 2x8 over living room. Here is my plan and Id love input on under/over built. Id much rather error on the side of over. Explaining the drawing below I plan to notch the 2x8 down to 2x6 height so the buried header can rest on both joists during the build even though eventually the load will be carried at the ends. This will allow for the use of face mount joist hangers to be attached to the joists and beam. Since they are hanging below I plan to used very deep hangers to grab the joists and still allow a minimum of 5 of attachment to the header. The kitchen side is going to have to be a double hanger since both joists cross under the header on that side, planning a MiTek HU214-2 or similar. The living room side can be a single since the 2x8 only extends that way, planning a MiTek HD216 or similar. This is the best and strongest way Ive come up with. Thank you. enter image description hereenter image description here