Keep In Touch #95

Hi friends,
Welcome to Keep In Touch.
I'm so happy you are here.

If you follow me, you may remember that our stairs did not look good.

They were ordering more flooring. They were sending pieces of the flooring to a carpenter and our stair nose was being hand distressed and stained to match.
They delivered it today.
I'm happy to say that so far it looks very good.

They will begin installing it on Thursday or Friday. I'm dreading it. When the project manager came by to drop off the flooring, he said that taking up the bad flooring on the stairs would not be easy.
I figured that. That was something I initially thought when I started the process. The same craftsman will be doing the stairs this time.
I'll let you know how it goes. I don't want to seem complainy but I'm a DIY and decor blogger. You need to know the good, bad and ugly. When it's finished, I'll show you all the pretty. I hope.

Now for some more ugly.
This one took me days to digest and comprehend.
In 2013 almost to the day, I found some mold behind the master bath shower tile. Bill was out of town. We decided it was time for a bathroom remodel. Our new bathroom is gorgeous.
There have been no mildew problems - nothing.

Last week the sun was shining into the bathroom window. I noticed a spot on the tile.
As I looked closer, I discovered it wasn't a spot but a tiny chip out of the tile.

It was not just a chip. There is a crack that runs around the whole shower.

It really isn't that visible because of the gray veining. I would never have noticed it, if the sun hadn't glinted on it in exactly the right spot.

The cracked tiles run in a horizontal line underneath the faucet.
These are oversized tiles as you can see. Did the house settle? There are no cracks in the ceiling or walls. We don't think this was where the seam of the wall board is.
We've have called our tile guy to come have a look. It took me three days to tell Bill. I just didn't want to break the bad news to him.
It took him about three days to call the tile guy. After dealing with the flooring people, I just could not do it.

On a brighter note, I did some crafting today.

Look for a post about the hearts soon.

The "macrame" plant hanger was a piece of cake. Bill bought me the cording for Christmas - 2018.
Procrastinate much?
Speaking of cake, chalk makes great faux frosting.

It looks darling on the Pioneer Woman cake plate.
I ordered some new plates for spring off of eBay. They are adorable.
The pattern is Bouquet Garden.
I picked up some green chargers to go with them.

Now for the features.

I adore the secretary from The Crowned Goat.
It's so cute!

I love this tablescape by Celebrate and Decorate.

Finally, this room by Anderson and Grant, gives me hope that my flooring situation will be in the past and we can enjoy our floors. Her room is coming together beautifully. Those floors and stairway are stunning.

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