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Create more space in your home using the over door hanger. Featuring a neat and space saving design, the door rack allows you to add convenient storage hooks to your house. Take advantage of un-used door space to create more room for scarves, purses, clothes, towels, and jackets.

Easily pick an item you`ve hanged on the handy hooks as you walk out the door and effortlessly hang it when you return. With 5 or 6 extra hooks, increase your storage space in any area in the home.

Hang items on any door in your house with the door hanger that fits on all standard household doors. Use the over door hanger for a range of functions and on any door featuring an adjustable width clamp. Adding to its convenience, install the door rack in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen door.

Enjoy hassle-free installation as you do not need any tech knowledge on how to install the door rack. With no hardware screws or any kind of mounting needed, effortlessly install the door hanger in any area. There are no holes necessary thus no damage to your walls. When the hanger is no longer needed, simply slide it off the door.

No more broken hangers when you replace your plastic and wooden door hooks with a metal over door rack. Experience durability with the high-quality hanger can last for more years without maintenance. It is corrosion resistance thus highly-durable. Made of strong metal, the over-door rack will last for many years and provide the much-needed support for your belongings.

Avoid scratching your clothes by placing them on these heavy duty hooks. A smooth finish ensures you can hang your clothes without the worry that they will get scratches.
Clean your hanger with utmost ease. No need to worry about rust or the accumulation of dirt. It will maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time.

Avoid heavy and cumbersome hangers with this light-weight and sturdy design. With an uncomplicated, lightweight and ergonomic design that rests on the door, you get extra space to hang your items. Although it is light, the rack can handle a lot of weight. This is great because you do not have to worry about hanging your handbags or other weighty items that may break ordinary wall hooks.

Enhance your house’s appearance using the over door hooks. The simple and contemporary design allows you to add a bit of style to the house. Besides creating more space, the hooks serve as a stylish addition to the room.

Fewer towels in the laundry as you can hang wet towels off the floor. Using the bathroom hanger, declutter your bathroom and enjoy better hygiene. Allow your towels to dry faster when using the door hanger in the wet areas.

Out of sight behind the door, the hanger is suitable for any room. Experience more confidence and safety in your own home by having your valuables hidden from plain sight. Get instant storage with the hanger with extra hooks for more space inside your closet.