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Relationships require a lot of work, especially when it is a long-distance relationship. Not many can survive in a relationship where they do not see their partner every day or whenever they wish. Taxing as long-distance relationships are, there are ways of making it spicier. And no, it is not about face-timing.

A little gift here and there will go a long way in keeping the fire in your relationship burning. If you cannot afford a flight ticket or even some time off work to see them, then get a physical gift. Regardless of the price, as long as it is thoughtful, then it will speak volumes on behalf of you.

We know getting a gift for a loved one is not that easy. We have compiled a shopping guide for missing you gifts and long-distance type gifts for you. Here, you will find tips that will help you choose a perfect gift for your loved one in no time.

What are you trying to communicate?

One of the easiest ways to get a gift from a plethora of gifts items in all online shops lies in what message you are trying to pass across. Maybe a naughty message? A romantic one? Yes, you miss them, but what else would you want to say? Perhaps you are one in a million, or I care about your well-being despite the distance. Cheesy lines, yes, but a gift that communicates this message on your behalf will warm their heart.

For example, a customized cuddly pillow not only keeps a smile on their face but helps them have some good night's sleep. Research shows us that sleep is vital in our growth and health, and any gift that helps enhance their sleep while away is an excellent gift. A fit band, too, will show that you want them to keep fit and healthy.

What is your budget?

Love does not have to cost an arm and a leg, and your loved one already knows that. Gift shops are full of budget-friendly gifts in you are on a tight budget like customized socks, t-shirts, coffee mugs, glass and whiskey glasses, framed portraits, among others.

But, if you want to go for a higher-end budget gift, a pair of the latest wireless and noise-canceling headphones, a wristwatch, or a travel suitcase so they have lots of space to pack their luggage when they come back home.


Are you looking for an item that will last for long, or do you want a gift that will last only a few months?

Non-durable romantic items for your partner include flowers, a box of assorted chocolates, or your favorite scented candles for their dinner or bath time, so they always have your scent around them.

If you are going for a durable gift that can last for years, then a weighted blanket to keep them warm on all the cold nights you are away. Other long-lasting gifts include jewelry or electronics.

What does your partner like?

Regardless of the occasion, when choosing a gift, let be about the recipient. The same applies here when shopping for missing you gifts and long-distance gifts.

It is always ideal to keep your partner's tastes and preferences in mind when shopping for a gift. Yes, even when they are miles or even continents away from you.

If your partner loves to read, then a set of books from their favorite genre or even a customized bookshelf for their collections will get them ecstatic.

What is their favorite drink? Maybe a wine subscription, or top-shelf whiskey for their evenings and lazy weekends. A surprise bouquet at work, a box of chocolates or a gift voucher so they can spoil themselves silly wherever they are.

Your partner’s aspirations

Your partner's dreams and ambitions should always be at the back of your head. By supporting these dreams and goals through the long-distance, you give your relationship a chance to survive that tide.

Maybe you miss them telling you their plans while you cuddle by the fireplace. Or you need to give them a nudge that they can go ahead with specific plans at work.

A simple card to encourage them or business card holders to keep all the close contacts they are building close. A congratulatory message for a closed deal showing that you miss celebrating won milestones with them will also do the trick.

When it comes to this category, all you need to think about is your partner’s needs for their future. Then, get a gift that encourages them to keep grinding despite being away from home or a gift that congratulates them for achieving a particular dream. It will show that you are proud of them, and always there to support regardless of the distance.


Practical gifts speak volumes and show that you care about your loved one's daily routine. Get them a gift that they can use to make their life much more comfortable when away from home. It could be a power bank, a luggage bag for their quick getaways, portable chargers, gourmet coffee, or footrest for their long flight or train journeys.

A getaway

One of the best gift to show someone you have missed them is spending some time with them. Why not surprise your loved one with such a gift? We all crave a getaway from home and work environments to reboot.

A weekend getaway in one of your favorite places in the bucket place will do. You can buy a ticket and pay for the accommodation in a resort, hotel or Airbnb. Spice it up by showing up to surprise them during this getaway, and you will have a romantic getaway you have been craving.

Communication in a long-distance relationship is the key to its survival. However, you can go the extra mile after those long phone calls and constant texts to get your loved one a gift. The internet is full of gifts, but getting the one is harder than we all like to admit. However, you can use the above shopping guide for missing you gifts and long-distance gifts to narrow down to a particular gift for your long-distance lover.

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