Sink Organizer Buying Guide

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The area around your kitchen or bathroom sink is one of the busiest spaces in the house. It can sometimes feel like too cluttered, like an island of lost items. It’s an area that never gets better until you take your time to sort the items and install some organizational solutions. Sink organizers or racks are helpful accessories that if well-used, bring the much-needed sense of order and efficiency in your kitchen. However, not all spaces are created equal, so before buying a sink organizer, you should learn how to pick one that works best for your space. With the wide range of styles and types of sink organizers from different brands in the market, it can be difficult to choose a rack that meets your requirements. For this reason, we have put together some of the most important elements to consider when shopping for sink racks.

i. Decide where you will place the sink organizer

Before buying a sink organizer, you should first determine its ideal placement location. There are different placement options, so it’s upon you to choose one that works best for you. Some people go for an under-sink organizer while others prefer a countertop organizer. Under-sink organizers are ideal for storing sponges, soaps, sprays, disinfectants, and other toiletries. They come in different types depending on how you wish to organize your kitchen supplies. An under-sink pull-out organizer, for instance, attaches to your cabinet floor, making it easy to slide the whole rack in and out. Some also come with a detachable side caddy so you can easily take it and its contents if you need.

If you fancy an over-the-sink organizer; you’re spoilt for choices as well. You can go for a counter-top storage basket or a stackable sink rack with sliding drawers. If you want something that will store a wide range of items, a mesh cabinet storage solution or organizer will do the magic for you. The options are inexhaustible- it all comes down to how you wish to customize your kitchen space.

ii. Size and Capacity

Once you find an ideal placement location for your sink organizer, you also want to know how much space it will occupy. This is where dimensions come into play. So, before you get too excited about buying this super-cool sink accessory, you have to look at the size of the space you settled on in the previous step. After measuring the dimensions, you can proceed now look for a rack that fits well in the available space.

Worth a mention is that some organizers are customized to cater for specific sink sizes, which require you to know your sink and faucet measurements in advance. Other organizers are adjustable to fit any sink size.

Design tip- One of the perks of sink organizers is that they make the most out of the available space. However, multi-tiered sink organizers provide the maximum storage space. They work best if you have limited space around your sink but still need to store tons of items.

iii. Design of the organizer

Versatility is key when looking for a sink organizer. An ideal organizer is designed to serve multiple functions. It comes with additional sections that can be attached to create more space or detached to minimize the space occupied. Others have foldable parts that can be used to enhance or change the functionality of the organizer. When choosing a sink organizer, go for one whose modular components can be customized to offer the capacity you need. With such an organizer, you can easily create storage compartments for your dishes, fruits, detergent holders or any other item you wish to store.

iv. Type of Material

One of the most important things to check when buying a sink organizer is whether the material used is durable. You want a sink rack that will serve you for years without breaking, and type of the material used is a huge determinant when it comes to longevity. There are two common materials used for racks- plastic and stainless steel. Some plastic sink organizers are vulnerable to cracking or breaking when too many heavy items are placed on the rack. Therefore, if you opt for a plastic rack, ensure you pick one that is highly durable.

Stainless steel racks are highly durable and sturdy but have a higher price tag compared to their plastic counterparts. However, they have their downside as well. Non-coated stainless steel is prone to rust. So, if you choose a stainless steel sink organizer, make sure it is chrome plated to sufficiently prevent rusting. The bottom line is choosing a sink organizer that can resist breakage and corrosion, even under harsh conditions.

One more thing- some sink organizers come with an instructional manual to guide you on the set up process. This manual comes in handy especially when working with sophisticated racks. If you pick a complex sink organizer that comes without an attached manual in their packaging, you risk damaging the item even before use. For this reason, check whether the supplier provides an installation guide. Alternatively, you can get appropriate instructions from a trusted friend or do some research online.


Now that you know the factors to consider when buying a sink organizer, take them into account when shopping for your next kitchen accessories. You’ll definitely be rewarded with a space that looks good and works well. Choosing the right sink organizer brings significant change to your kitchen or bathroom. Some notable benefits include:

- It helps drain water off your utensils

- It eases pressure on the shelves

- It ensures your utensils are safe

- It keeps the sink countertops organized

- It helps maintain proper food hygiene

- Since it’s a multi-functional accessory, it doubles-up as a storage space for various items.

Whether your space is large or small, traditional or contemporary, a sink organizer is one of the most functional, attractive and great addition to your kitchen. Follow the above tips to improve the usability of your kitchen through quality sink accessories.