Top Tips For Shopping And Choosing The Best Suit Hangers

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There’s the common belief among certain people that wearing suits shows hierarchy and class. Nevertheless, the use of suits in the corporate world is evidence of how they are essential to people. Having emphasized the essential nature of having trendy and classy suits in your closet, there’s also a need to point out the level of care devoted to keeping the suits in good shape.

Significant differences between male and female suits

Man has had suit as his age-long companion, and this is mostly because of the corporate outlook it gives to the individual wearing it. However, womenfolk adopted the trendy fashion statement in no distant time, and suits have become statements wear by both genders.

Suits are quite befitting on both genders, and there are differences between male and female suits. The significant difference between the male suit and the female suit lies in the fact that men's suits tend to be bolder than that of the female folks. This is evident in the larger lapels and button spacing.

Why are hangers essential?

Clothe hangers have been in existence for quite a while, and these hangers have thoroughly evolved through times. First, there were the wire hangers that got the job done. Then came plastic hangers as well as wooden hangers. The importance of these hangers to the neatness of your suit cannot be overemphasized, and they go a long way in making your closet appear as tidy as you want.

Picking the right hanger for your suits isn't always as simple as expected, and there's often a need to pay attention to specific details. This article takes a look at those tips you should consider when you need a proper hanger for your clothes.

We tend to forget the valuable importance of hangers in our closet. It’s one of the greatest inventions of our time. Although hangers are one of the cheapest assets in the closet, they offer so much in value. Many of our wears are better kept hanged than folded, and this is because the rippling of such clothes might make them appear untidy when needed.

It’s not always appealing to find your thousand-dollar suit in a creased or wrinkled state right before a scheduled meeting. Hangers go a long way in helping you keep those suits in the tidy state you desire. Furthermore, folding of clothes in a lump might result in you wasting valuable time going through the lump in search of particular wear.

What is the hanger style ideal for your suits?

It doesn’t matter which hanger you decide to buy, it should meet your needs, and it should help you in keeping your suits in proper shape. When you are buying hangers for suits, a wishbone hanger or contoured hanger is a great choice. Here are the qualities needed from the ideal hanger of your suit:

· The hangers should fit your suits

If there's one thing you should look out for in a good hanger, it's the way the hanger fits in your suit. The chances are high that using the wrong hanger for your suit would result in the suit getting damaged with time. The hanger should be designed in such a way that it follows the natural pattern of your shoulder. This way, it doesn’t disfigure the shape of the jacket in any way.

· The hanger should be durable

Sturdiness is an essential factor to consider when you’re getting a hanger for your suit. The hanger should be able to bear the weight of the jacket and the trouser without bending or deflecting. A good hanger should be able to stand the test of time even with heavy usage.

· It should keep your clothes neat

We've seen several hangers in the past that gave the suit a very unprofessional outlook. This unprofessional outlook can be in the form of creases and stretches. Your suits must appear neat as they were placed.

Which hanger material is most ideal?

Hangers come in different shapes and sizes. However, there are three different materials used in the production of hangers. The suit hanger can either be plastic, metallic, or wooden in terms of build material. Each material has its pros and cons, but the choice of the particular type might boil down to personal preference. Here’s a comparison of the three types of hangers:

Metallic hangers

Often referred to as wire hangers, these hangers have gone through several modifications in the past. One essential quality this type of hanger possesses is its sturdiness and durability. It can last for a very long while. Another factor that sets it out is the fact that this type of hanger does not compress or bend under load, and this makes it quite appealing for most people when they require a hanger for their suit. Despite its great appeal, it's important to note that this type of hanger is usually heavier than the other types.

Plastic hangers

Plastic hangers are quite popular due to their low cost as well as lightweight nature. People also admire these types of hangers because of their varying colors as it creates an appealing view in the closet. However, the flaw with this type of hanger is its inability to carry heavy loads without bending or breaking.

Wooden hangers

These types of hangers bring a more warm and refreshing appearance to the closet. It’s always uplifting for most people to have some connection to Mother Nature, and wooden hangers present an excellent opportunity for this. Wooden hangers are usually sturdy and can carry the shape of the suit correctly.


Suits are quite trendy and special, but there's a need to give your suits the required amount of care. Your outfits should last for a while with proper care. Hangers are an excellent way to keep your suits in good shape and ensure they always appear excellent. Always remember to empty your pockets before hanging it. Apart from that, it would help if you also inspected the hanger and suit for stains and debris before storing it.


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