Ansul Cd05A-Ul (Aluminum) Carbon Dioxide Extinguisher - 431553


  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Portable, compact design
  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive, clean extinguishing agent
  • Easy grip handle provides non-slip holding and quick activation of the extinguisher
  • The ring pin and visual seal help prevent unwanted discharge of the extinguisher. If the extinguisher is tampered with , the visual seal self-destructs, making detection of tampering easy. Metal ring pins are designed to help prevent accidental discharge if the extinguisher is dropped or mishandled.
  • The extinguisher nameplate provides only vital information related to the use and care of the unit, such as:
    • Operation instructions - Easy to follow pictographs and instructions allow novice fire fighters to operate the unit correctly.
    • Agent identification and fire class rating - Pictographs and clear, simple statements show what fuels the agent extinguish
    • After use instructions - Provide basic steps for extinguisher recharge
  • Aluminum body that is both sturdy and light weight. It has a fluted base for stability and reduced corrosion
  • Special red powder paint finish makes the unit easy to locate in an emergency. The paint resists cracking and chipping, adding to the corrosion resistance of the shell.
  • The 5, 10, and 15 pound extinguishers are available with a U.S. Coast Guard approved vehicle mounting bracket, or a standard wall hanger is available for all sizes to provide versatility in extinguisher selection and application.
  • All models are UL listed. Aluminum models are also ULC listed
Typical Applications
  • Labratories
  • Electronic equipment
  • Low voltage electrical equiment
  • Municipal fire departments