Welcome to Our Fire Pit Yard Sign Set - Carved Cedar Wood Lawn or Camping Decor

Welcome to Our Fire Pit Yard Sign Set - Carved Cedar Wood Lawn or Camping Decor

This sign set is perfect if you love spending time with friends and family around a fire pit or campfire.

You will receive the complete set of signs shown:  Campfire topper, Welcome to Our Fire Pit, Tell Stories, Get Toasted and Have Fun.

Each sign will come with a d-loop wall hanger on the back so that you can hang them on a tree, fence or your own post.  The sign post shown in the pictures is NOT included...  If you would like a stake post or different mounting option, see link below to purchase.

Sign dimensions: Large Rectangle 20" wide x 5.5" tall and the medium ones are 20" wide x 3.5"

Campfire topper dimensions:  roughly 8" wide by 10"

All signs come with D-loop hangers on the back.  See link at bottom for optional mounting choices.

THESE SIGNS ARE MADE TO ORDER - Turn around time is 5-7 days, mainly because of the time for paint and varnish to dry.

If you would like a different place, let me know. I'd be happy to work with you to make the perfect sign.

I make these signs from rough cedar wood that gives it a real rustic look.  I run the signs thru a drum sander to make them smoother.  Then I either paint the sign or stain it, which depends on the signs you are choosing.  Then, I digitally carve the words into the wood so that the words are the natural light color of the wood. The words are NOT painted on the wood but actually engraved into the wood. After the sign is all carved, I give them 2 coats of outdoor clear spray varnish to help it wear well in the elements. I recommend that you spray them every couple years if you plan on leaving the sign out year round.